Have you ever had a bad packet of Beef Jerky from your local drive through bottleo.... Yes? Hopefully that experience didn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth (no pun intended). Sorry if you tried something horrible that has put you off the thought of Beef Jerky, But rest assured we only stock the Best Beef Jerky in Australia.


Hailing from Sydney Australia Swagman's started as a kitchen hobby to impress the barflies at the local pub and now delivers quality Beef Jerky all over Australia.  But did you know that we do more than just jerky? Swagmans also supplies delicious Beef Stix.


Proudly Australian owned and made from all Australian ingredients Swagman's is spreading the word that Jerky and Chilli products can be gourmet, great tasting and packed with flavour without being full of preservatives and other nasties. Our Beef Jerky comes in four intense flavours and is available in sizes of 40g, 200g and for the Bulk Beef Jerky buyer 1kg. The best part is you can now you can buy our Beef Jerky online or inline at the bottleo all over Australia, Checkout out our online store or our list of Australia wide stockists

Swagman's Jerky & Sauces takes pride in delivering Australia's best Beef Jerky



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