Trinidad Scorpion Chilli, Cyclones and a Radio segment. What is the connection?

The most exciting thing happened at the start of last week. The producer of a well known radio show got in touch with us looking for some our "Insanely Hot" Chilli sauce. Of course we would love to help you out! So we got a bottle of our hottest sauce into their studios and eagerly tuned in the next day. Unfortunately they ran out of time on the segment although they assure me that they will be featuring in soon.

During the week we had also supplied a few customers with this sauce. Have I mentioned how hot it is? It is literally the hottest thing you will ever put in your mouth and being the mighty Trinidad Scorpion Chilli a little bit goes a long way. In fact we have one customer in Sydney who keeps telling me he feels sorry for us..... Apparently we will be going out of business because a bottle lasts him over six months!

so come the end of the week we were doing a little stocktaking (yes everyone's favourite job) and scheduled in some time to whip up some more Insanely Hot sauce. Now fast forward to Monday and we placed a call to our supplier of the deadly Trinidad Scorpion Chilli who just happens to be in North Queensland. It turns out Cyclone Debbie isn't to fond of chilli and has caused some real damage to his operation!

So unfortunately it looks like we are at least 6 weeks away from sourcing the right ingredients and we have had to pull this item from our website, but not to worry we will send out a mail when we are all good to do. In hindsight image our embarrassment had the radio piece gone ahead and we were not able to supply. This is also going to hamper my entry into a chilli chicken wing comp and my local come May, I had planned on training the weeks leading upto the event although looks i'll just need to wing it..... (sorry for the joke, I am a dad after all)

Thankyou again to all the feedback our customers are sending regarding our products, particularly our great tasting Beef Jerky.

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