New Zealand home of the long white cloud... and Biltong


I just returned from Australia after spending two weeks in New Zealand. Whilst I have been across the ditch a couple times and often marveled at the beauty. But one thing that caught my eye this time around was the increased presence of that delicious little dried meat snack originating from our friends in South Africa called Biltong.

I'm often asked what is the difference between Jerky and Biltong. Well in many ways they are very similar. They are both cured, high in protein and delicious although the most simple way I often use to describe them is they are essentially the same although the method to achieve it is completely different.

A quick overview of the two methods is this

Our Jerky is cut into thin strips and then marinated overnight in the secret blend of herbs and spices. From there it is placed into a dehydrator for approx 6-7hours. A dehydrator uses heat (set at around 60 degrees) and a fan to dry the meat.

Biltong on the other hand is marinated as a whole slab of meat and then hung in a sealed box, I'm not sure what it is officially called although I'm going to call it the Biltong Machine. The Biltong machine is a sealed box which contains a fan and often a uv light to kill of any nasties in your meat. So the big difference is here there is it is air dried without using heat. Once the meat is dry, which could take upto a week or so the slab of meat is cut into thinner slices.

So there you have it, Yes there is much more detail to both methods but those are the differences I often point out.

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