We won a prize!

A few weeks ago we heard a competition advertised on our favourite radio station Triple M in Sydney who was giving away a brand new Citroen van. It was quite ironic because the previous week during the long weekend I had decided to lookup the closet Citreon dealer after hearing their add several times. So all we had to do was describe what it is we do in 75 words or less, easy right? wrong. I never had though it would be so tough to fit our Beef Jerky | Chilli Sauce | Beef Stix | Pork Crackling into 75 words. After a few attempts word count confirmed we had exactly 75 words so we filled in our application and went back to work.

A week later out of the blue I received a phone call to say that we had won a radio add and are in the draw to win the van with six others we are putting you through now on live radio. Now to put all this into perspective the previous night I had entered and finished third in a chilli eating competition whilst watching the NSW lose yet another state of origin. So all of a sudden being on live radio with a mix of nerves, shock, upset stomach and NSW Blues blues didn't quite contribute to a solid radio interview. Whilst it probably didn't make for good radio the good news is why I got so distracted mid interview was due to the large number of customers trying to get in touch with us.

Unfortunately we didn't end up winning the van but had loads of fun and in addition to meeting lots of great customers we also had lots of reports coming in from our resellers who also had lots of attention due to the add. Many thanks to Merrick Watts and Triple M for the cracker ad they put together for us. If you haven't yet heard it jump onto our Facebook and or Instagram accounts @swagmansjerky and get set to laugh. Unfortunately the add went just over a minute so the last line of the add is half cut off, but here it is for all to read.

"Swagmans Jerky & Arse Burning sauces, get them online now or inline at the bottleO"

Triple M giveaway


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