All I want for Christmas is foooooood

Only 10 days until Christmas. How crazy is that!

At least it means all the good things associated with Christmas are back like parties, cricket and bring on the food! Honestly is it not the best part of Christmas? All bets are off and your able to stuff yourself with the best food and a few extra beers all in the name of cheer and no one bats and eyelid!

We have shipped the last of our orders for Christmas now and whilst we are still taking and dispatching orders unfortunately we can't guarantee that you will receive Australia's best Beef Jerky in time for Christmas from here on in, well for this year we mean.

We got a ton of requests for Gift Cards so stay tuned we will be adding them soon so you will never have the dreaded problem of not knowing what to gift someone.

Pork Crackling

Merry Christmas from the team at Swagmans and get stuck into that great tasting food.

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