Do you follow us on Social Media?

You don't????

Well jump on Instagram and Facebook and look us up using the handle @swagmansjerky or clicking on the links below

Why you ask, well we do all the awesome stuff you see on social media such as cool competitions and take photos of food then call it art, plus my mother follows and she says its cool....

On a serious note we would really appreciate it if you could like, follow and share our social media, Heck shout it from the rooftops because it would be selfish of us to keep Australia's Best Beef Jerky all to ourselves. We have enough for everyone honest and love sending our Beef Jerky all over Australia so make sure you tell your friends.


We actually do have competitions and share photos that customers send us in addition to our own Jerky snaps. Oh and we weren't lying... Mum actually does think its cool.

Thanks again

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