To Chilli or not to Chilli?

Chilli Range

To Chilli, or Not to Chilli, that is the question...

The Bard’s famous soliloquy from Hamlet starts with “To be, or not to be...” and discusses the pros and cons of accepting what life throws at you; or having a crack ...even if you fail.

It’s the same with savouring Swagmans Jerkys famous Chilli or Extra Chilli or not... Most people say they are either chilli lovers....or not. Often they decide they don’t eat chilli based on one time years ago where they had some dodgy badly cooked curry. I know of people who have never even tried chilli because they just think they won’t like it.

Jerky and chilli are a perfect taste combination. So my advice is to give Swagmans chilli jerky a go. Our Chilli flavoured jerky is subtlety spicy, but the chilli flavour doesn’t overwhelm the natural taste of Swagmans premium beef. I think the chances are that you will be hooked on our chilli jerky. You’ll haven’t I tried this before...!

You might even decide to try the intense flavour of Swagmans Extra Chilli Jerky.

Or maybe you will like it enough to have it now and then as a change from your favourite Swagmans Jerky flavour...Original or Smokey. Or will decide it’s not for you. I mean...I love test cricket...but I’m told some people find it to be too slow and boring. Who knew...!!! Same with chilli...if you try it and decide it’s not for you ....fair’ve at least had a crack and tried it.

Me...? I’ll continue to love my Swagmans Chilli Jerky ....and test cricket...!


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