Best cut of meat to use for Beef Jerky

Wondering what cut of meat to use for Beef Jerky? Well with a lot of things Beef Jerky it comes down to personal preference although here are some suggestions.

  • Topside

  • Silverside

  • Rump

When you are making Beef Jerky you want to have a lean cut of meat and by that I mean as less fat as possible. Yes its said that fat adds to the flavour but the fat also doesn't dry out which means it will go rancid after a couple of weeks. So whilst it is possible to use any cut of meat to make Beef Jerky don't use that beautiful piece of rib eye with a high wagyu score, save that for the BBQ, Stick to one of the above mentioned cuts to save you less fat trimming and money.

Personally we use topside which can be easily found in your local supermarket in sizes ranging around 1kg or speak to your local butcher about bulk buying and getting the whole topside cut which would weigh around 5kg.

A general rule of thumb is you will find that a 1kg of Beef Jerky starts life as 3kg of pure beef, So be prepared to only get just over 300g yield of delicious beef jerky from that 1kg roast at the supermarket.

If your stuck on the process and need some pointers please feel free to email us for some address on our contact page here or shop online here and remember all of our orders are delivered free.

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